6 Crystal-Clear Blue Waters to go Paddle Boarding in British Columbia

With summer in full swing, you most likely are looking for a variety of outdoor recreational activities to make your life a bit more interesting. Whether you're aware of it or not, paddle boarding is an excellent activity that's fun, exciting, and unique for most people to experience. If you live in British Columbia or are willing to go on a trip to the province, look no further! Below, we're going to discuss a few awesome paddle boarding locations in British Columbia, that will get you paddle boarding on crystal-clear blue waters before you know it. Let's get started!

Tofino - Tofino Paddle Surf

Tofino is a beautiful and gorgeous district on Vancouver Island that is filled with outdoor activities. Since it sprawls on a peninsula, it's surrounded by water, making it a prime spot for paddle boarding. Tofino paddle surf is a paddle and surf rental/lesson company located directly on the beach. How awesome is that? They're located directly on Mackenzie beach by liberty lake.

The company is run entirely by Tofino locals since they first opened in 2009. They pride themselves on sharing their lifelong passions for ocean activities. Outside of paddle boarding, the company offers equipment rentals, educational tours, coaching, and much more. Their goal is to embrace a healthy lifestyle and present a deeper understanding of our planet. Difficulty-wise, you can expect a relatively low level of difficulty for their beginner options. Nevertheless, they offer more experienced options as well.

Okanagan Valley - Okanagan Beach Rentals

Okanagan Valley is a stunning region with the beautiful city of Kelowna and the shore of Okanagan Lake. The valley is surrounded by beautiful pine forests, parks, and an endless slew of outdoor activities. The city itself has an incorporated waterfront and a lakeside cultural district that presents everything you’ll need in the outdoor realm.

Located nearby is Okanagan Beach Rentals, a people-powered watercraft hub filled with everything you'll need to enjoy time on the lake. They have a variety of locations in the Okanagan Valley area; plus, they have a ton of options to choose from other than just paddleboards. The company prides itself on being an easy to operate watercraft provider built for every person. If you're a beginner in the paddle boarding realm, this is undoubtedly the place for you.

Victoria - South Island Sup

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, and it sits on the southern end of Vancouver Island. The area features a vast amount of abundant parkland and is primarily known for its outdoor activities. Outside of just paddle boarding, expect to find remarkable and stunning Victorian architecture, floral displays, water features, and much more. Essentially, it's an absolutely beautiful area to explore.

South Island Sup is located in the heart of Victoria and offers a ton of paddle boarding activities. Examples include tours, excursions, lessons, rentals, events, and much more. Everything you need in the subject of paddle boarding is offered at South Island Sup. Areas to paddleboard include the Upper Harbor by Victoria and Rock Bay. Both are incredible options to choose from and suggest a variety of difficulty options to try out.

Pemberton - Joffre Lakes Hike

Pemberton is a quant village north of Whistler in the Pemberton Valley. With a population in the low 1000s, expect to be truly immersed in the outside world. In fact, it wasn't until the 1960s when the village could be reached by highway instead of just train. Expect a dense amount of woods and beautiful countryside as well as some of the most strenuous outdoor activities you can picture.

If you already own a paddleboard and are willing to hike a bit, consider taking the Joffre Lakes Hike. Upper Joffre Lake, Joffre Lake, and Lower Joffre Lake accompany the hike itself, which presents you with a variety of options. Although they might appear to be in the middle of nowhere, they're incredibly fun and exhilarating. Keep in mind, there aren't many rental companies in Pemberton, but there are quite a few in Whistler you should check out beforehand. Only do this if you're an experienced paddleboarder since it's a several hour hike on top of the paddle boarding experience (inflatable paddle boards recommended for this one!).

West Vancouver - Sea to Sky Paddle Fit

West Vancouver is a district municipality that is primarily known for Cypress Provincial Park. Right nearby is Burrard Inlet, an absolutely beautiful body of water that every person will surely get a great deal of fun out of.

Sea to Sky Paddle Fit is a relatively new location that brings a ton of excitement to Ambleside Beach. They offer daily paddle boarding lessons, yoga, and fitness programs throughout the summer. Plus, they offer rentals for those of you in need of equipment. Lessons can be booked online or through a call. This is an excellent spot for beginners, primarily because of how simple it is to schedule an appointment.

North Vancouver - Deep Cove Kayak

Primarily known for hiking and skiing, North Vancouver features an abundance of forested areas. Notable outdoor areas include the North Shore Mountains and the Vancouver Harbor, which provide excellent paddle boarding experiences.

Located directly in North Vancouver, Deep Cove Kayak offers everything you need in the paddle boarding field. Plus, they offer a variety of other water activity equipment rentals. Other than rentals, they offer lessons, group bookings, sales, repairs, and much more. Beginners and experts will surely love this option since they have a variety of choices for both.

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