Bring Out The Bikes For These 9 Fantastic Quebec Biking Trails

No matter your experience level with biking, bike riding has become one of the most popular outdoor activities. People are continually searching for biking trails, outdoor activities, and, more specifically, the next thrill or starting point for biking. If you’ve got a bike (or can rent one) and live in the province of Quebec, look no further - we’re going to discuss 9 great trails for biking in Quebec. Bring the bikes out and cycle these outstanding Quebec trails that suit all levels of difficulty!


Samuel de Champlain Promenade, Quebec City

Located right on the waterfront of Quebec City, this bike trail features a simple and easy pathway along the gorgeous St. Lawrence River. The trail itself is extremely well-kept and is perfect for beginners. Don't expect anything too demanding, considering it's only a few kilometers long. If you plan on making the entire trail, it shouldn't take you any longer than a couple of hours, but take your time and enjoy the beautiful waterfront views.

Lachine Canal Path, Montreal

For those searching for a somewhat longer, but still simple biking trail, consider checking out the Lachine Canal Path. The canal itself passes through the southwestern part of the island of Montreal, Quebec. It's approximately 14.5 kilometers long and is a beautiful waterfront bike path to check out. Expect to see gorgeous viewpoints of the city and magnificent scenes of the canal. Be on the lookout for fun sculptures during the trip.

La Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant

Located in Mont Tremblant, this bike path is an outdoor trail with simple paths to help amateur bicyclists enjoy the fun route. Expect to see a lush number of trees with beautiful lakes and ponds off route to stop at. Although there are some more difficult side trails, the main path is straightforward and perfect for anyone. The trail itself is approximately 15 kilometers and is a decent length for beginners to dive into.


Le P’tit Train du Nord, Laurentians

For those seeking a bit more of an intense adventure compared to the beginner trails, look no further. This trail features a multi-use recreational rail trail that goes through a significant portion of the du Nord Valley. The trails are a combination of paved and dirt roads, but provide an excellent viewpoint of rivers, ponds, and beautiful overlays. Although the entire park is 234 kilometers, there are intermediate trails worth checking out all throughout the park. Plus, there are simple detours and areas to turn around whenever you want to stop.

La Grande Douce, Bromont

This is a bit more of an off-road bike trail. It's a fantastic option for cyclists looking for a pure outdoor bike trail that isn't insanely impossible to do. Outside of the main roads, the trails are entirely dirt, but mostly flat. Most of the trails are in the woods themselves, but it's a scenic adventure of the outdoors, nonetheless. It's roughly 5 kilometers long and is located just outside of Bromont. It's a must-visit for somewhat experienced to experienced bicyclists to explore.

Parc linéaire Petit Témis

Like the du Nord Valley trails, this bike trail comes at a staggering 134 kilometers for cyclists to enjoy. It's the first bike path to connect Quebec and New Brunswick, and mostly features gravel paths that are strictly meant for cyclists and people. The breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River make it a must-see. The vast array of scenery makes it further an incredible visit. Expect to see towns, roads, forests, bridges, and water bodies upon the entire trail.

Advanced Bicyclers

Vallee Bras Du Nord Secteur Shannahan

This trail is located in the du Nord Valley and is an extreme mountain biking trail meant for experts. There aren't a ton of stable trails along the entire trip, which means it can be very demanding on the bike rider. Expect to see a ton of beautiful mountainous viewpoints, and be conscious of the difficult jumps and riding you're going to have to do. The entire trail is 48 kilometers and is worth checking out for those who dare the challenge.

La Viking - Sentiers du Moulin

Considering it has the word Viking in its name, what else do you expect? This trail is one of the most challenging bike trails in all of Quebec. It features some of the roughest terrains to venture on, even though it's only 1.6 kilometers long. Located in Lac-Beauport, Quebec, expect to see a difficult venture of harsh dirt trails, sketchy wooden bridges, and dense forests during the trip.

Route Verte

Although not as purely exhilarating with harsh terrain like La Viking, Route Verte is a staggering 5,034 kilometers in length that dares anyone to try to finish it. The route is a network of bicycling and multi-use trails that span across the entire province of Quebec. Since its inception in 2007, many cyclists spend months to achieve the goal of biking across the whole route. Consider making this the ultimate bucket list of bike trails if you have the stamina worthy of completing it.

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