Spice Up Your Weekend With These 10 Exciting Toronto Activities

As places are starting to slowly open back up, it’s becoming safer for friends to go out and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities together while respecting social distancing guidelines.

 There are countless outdoor activities you can do this weekend for those of you who live in the Toronto area. With at least one that might fit your specific interests, they'll certainly be worth checking out this upcoming weekend. Nonetheless, let's take a look!

        1. Picnic

        Although a picnic might seem best suited for couples, picnics are a fantastic outdoor activity any friend group should consider and can be enjoyed while physically distancing. Plus, a picnic is extremely easy to do, and a ton of fun. Bring some food, a blanket, find the right park, and you’re all set.

        Without giving examples, just about every person knows of a suitable park for a picnic. It doesn’t have to be a massive park. As long it’s open and public, a group of you can easily have a picnic. Like anything else, be mindful of social distancing and what you all can do to stay safe.

        2. Drive-In Theatres

        Going to a movie theatre was arguably one of the greatest pastimes for people of all ages. Unfortunately, since the start of the pandemic, going to a theatre isn’t possible anymore. Luckily, drive-in theatres recently re-opened, which can fill that void of seeing a movie at a theatre.

        Plus, living in a populated area like Toronto has its perks, such as the decent number of options for drive-in theatres. For those of you interested in going to a drive-in theatre with your friends, here are a few options in the Greater Toronto Area:

        • 5 Drive-In Oakville
        • Starlite Drive-In
        • Stardust Drive-In

        3. Public Art Displays

        As you're well aware, Toronto is one of the most beautiful and massive cities in the entire world. On top of being a wonder to experience, there are countless public art displays across the city. If you and your friends are willing to explore the city, consider going to each public art display throughout it.

        4. Dive-Thru Zoos

        Since it's practically impossible for zoos to stay open during this, many of them have transitioned into a drive-thru variation of a zoo to keep business going. Although this might seem a bit mundane, a drive-thru zoo is a unique experience that might not be around forever.

        As long as you’ve got a car, you’re all set. Think about how unique of an experience going through a zoo via drive-thru is. Check out the drive thru Scenic Safari at the Toronto Zoo for an activity you won’t forget!

        5. Exercise Outdoors

        If one aspect is true for most individuals during this pandemic, it's the commonality of inactivity. Rather than sit around watching Netflix, go outdoors and exercise! Here are a few ideas to exercise outdoors: 

        • Jogging
        • Bike Riding
        • Squats and Core Workouts
        • Side Leaps
        • Pushups and Sit-ups

        6. Walk the Waterfront

        What better way to explore Toronto’s beautiful waterfront than going for a long stroll along Water’s Edge Promenade? The promenade and boardwalk span continuously along the lake, offering breathtaking views and a great way to get some fresh air.

        7. Go to the Beach

        Who doesn’t love the beach? Luckily, beaches are beginning to open up to the public with a few guidelines along the way. While swimming is not always permitted, relaxing by the beach is still a fantastic activity for any group of friends to experience.

        8. Canoeing

        Even if you've never gone canoeing before, this activity is feasible even for beginners. Rent a canoe at one of the many rental shops and get ready for a day of sunshine and exercise.

        If the issue of inexperience comes up with canoeing, don't worry. The area you'll end up canoeing in will likely have a variety of other fun activities for you to do. Either way, canoeing is a great outdoor activity to do during this time.

        9. Hiking and Trail Exploration

        At this point during the pandemic, you’ve more than likely headed to a local park for a breath of fresh air. Well, what’s stopping you from grabbing your friends and going for a great hike?

        Depending on how knowledgeable of a hiker you are, a quick hike through a variety of accessible trails can do wonders for your well-being. Plus, it's fun and will pass the time substantially. Either way, searching for a quick place to hike is always an exciting activity to do. Keep in mind which parks are allowing hiking so you don’t waste your time and energy driving to one that isn't open. Here are a few that are open to the public for hiking:

        • Moore Park Ravine
        • Moccasin Trail Park
        • Beltline Trail

        10. Disc Golf

        Why play regular golf when you can play disc golf? For those of you that don't know, disc golf is similar to golf, but a specially made frisbee disc goes into a chained basket. There are putters, mid-range discs, and driving discs worth checking out if you get into the game. But for starters, all you really need is a driver and a putter. Plus, disc golf is usually completely free! Here are a few courses in the Toronto area:

        • T. Seton Park Disc Golf
        • Marilyn Bell Park Disc Golf



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