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Bungee Jumping, Chelsea, QC

Great Canadian Bungee
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Great Canadian Bungee has got not one – but two – adrenaline filled activities for those willing to get an adventure rush!

First, it’s famous 200-foot water dip bungee jump. This is the only location in the Americas to experience such a head/body dip. The bungee jump is located in Gatineau, just 20 minutes from Ottawa and offers outstanding views as you jump. Limestone, clear turquoise waters and a lagoon will surround you. Great Canadian Bungee assures your safety by using top not equipment and highly trained employees. 

If bungee jumping isn’t your interest, or you want to double your adventure, then RIPRIDE zipline is for you. The 1050-foot zipline starts 200ft above water and you soar over the turquoise lagoon almost 100km/hr, exhilaration to the max!

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Image courtesy of reformatt.com